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The world’s most famous caterpillar is back. This gorgeous little book is the perfect way to let the person you call ‘Dad’ know just how much he means to you. Released right on time for Father’s Day, the Very Hungry Caterpillar spreads a little message of love, perfect for every father figure. The cute little… Read More

Phil Gifford is one of New Zealand’s most respected and experienced sports journalists. He has more than 20 sports books to his credit and at various stages of his career was a genuine multi-media personality. He has worked in newspapers, magazines, radio (where he became one of New Zealand’s most recognisable voices) and television. This… Read More

This gripping, page-turning thriller will have you on the edge of your seat from the opening paragraph until the final page. Hunter Grant is an Afghanistan army veteran who has now settled back in New Zealand. He hopes he has left the war behind, but when he finds an unconscious young woman in the Northland… Read More

The RSA is a huge institution in New Zealand and still today has over 100,000 members. It can be subtly different from region to region and in many places remains in touch with and part of the local community. Looking back we see it initially as a club for the servicemen returned from the First… Read More

This book has a long sub-title, “My Extraordinary Life while Hiding in Plain Sight”, which instantly drew me. I find the concept of working as a spy or a secret agent, while at the same time remaining totally inconspicuous, part of the fascinating myth that has grown up about the profession. So I was hoping… Read More

Are you after some inspiration?  Maybe you need a bit of an escape.  Or a Christmas gift for your friends who enjoy the water.  I asked a bunch of my skipper friends on their favourite sailing books. Here are five great sailing books that are worth reading. Dove by Robin Lee Graham If you are… Read More

Tom Wood has created himself a particular type of hero. A trained killer, an assassin and hitman. He is ruthless, relentless and very resourceful. His name is simply Victor, although he has many other aliases and identities. Even though he kills people for a living, he does it on behalf of the good guys, ridding… Read More

To spend years of your life tramping around the country looking for war memorials sounds mad. But that is what Jock Phillips and his helpers have been doing since the 1980s. The result is this wonderful collection of photos and stories, but also a deeper look at our history and our national consciousness. The Australian… Read More

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