The ACB of Honora Lee, by Kate De Goldi

Perry’s mother and father are busy people. They’re impatient, tired and they get cross very easily. And they think that only children, like Perry, should be kept busy. Perry longs for more of a family and she finds it on weekly visits to her grandmother Honora Lee’s resthome. But Gran never remembers them. Fascinated by Honora’s understanding of the world Perry decides to create a book – the ACBs – about the world her grandmother inhabits.

Kate De Goldi, award winning author of The 10pm Question, draws on her own family’s experience with dementia in telling Perry and Honora’s story. The ACB of Honora Lee is a sweet little tale that will take you completely by surprise. In the beginning it is hard to see where the story is going but De Goldi unfolds it with characteristic warmth and a quirky humour.

It’s a story of kindness and patience and acceptance. The rich cast of residents will capture your heart. The relationship between Honora and Perry is delightful and it will resonate with echoes of recollection for many readers.

The beautiful whimsical drawings throughout the novel by Greg O’Brien are the icing on the cake. Shortlisted for the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards, this is a simple yet powerful story that will capture both young and old.

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