Soul Secrets, by Kelvin Cruickshank

Kelvin Cruickshank is a ‘celebrity psychic medium’, from TV programme Sensing murder fame, whose mission is to provide closure to those who have lost loved ones. Soul Secrets is the latest of his popular books – his sixth, in fact.

Soul Secrets is a book of affirmations, wisdom and quotes to help you on your life’s journey and connect you with yourself and Spirit. The main thrust of the book’s message is around thinking positively and trusting the process. It’s a good message; it’s just incredibly well worn. I couldn’t help thinking as I read through this book, that I’ve heard it all before, and heard it done better.

The low production value of Soul Secrets doesn’t help: the book lacks that special boutique feel that other books of this ilk can have. It’s a cheap paperback that looks and feels like something you’d pick up hastily in an airport rather than a book of special wisdom that might change your life.

No doubt this book will appeal to fans, but Soul Secrets is simply coasting on Cruickshank’s popularity, and the enticing idea that something in this book with speak deeply and personally to you.

To quote Soul Secrets, “In times of need, pick up this book and flick to a random page, if it’s part of your journey you’ll find just the piece of advice you need.” And maybe that’s true. I sincerely hope it is. But if you’re after a book of this genre, you can do better.


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