The Falcon Throne, by Karen Miller

“This is the next Game of Thrones!”

This statement has been used to promote nearly every epic-fantasy book released in the past year, playing on the hype following the enormous success of George R.R. Martin’s bestselling series. Until now, most of these claims have been entirely unfounded. Karen Miller’s new epic fantasy novel, however, deserves this connection, and not just because of the sound-a-like title.

Set in a semi-medieval world, The Falcon Throne is filled with intrigue, with just a hint of magic woven amongst the various political machinations, affairs and betrayals. There are assassination plots, secret legitimate heirs to the throne, bloodthirsty revenge plots, and one of the most unlikable rulers-in-waiting since Joffrey. For anyone getting deja-vu, let me reassure you: the Falcon Throne is not the Iron Throne, and there the similarities to Martin’s epic world end.

In the distant past, a royal feud tore apart an entire land. Now the two main dukedoms are on the brink of war once more. The tyrant Duke Harald of Clemen tightens his grip on his throne, unaware of the rebellion simmering beneath him. Balfre, heir of Harcia, dreams of a kingdom united – under his rule, of course -and he won’t let anyone stand in his way. Distracted by thoughts of power and glory, no one is aware that in the darkness an ancient magic is at work.

As the story progresses it because clear that far more lies beneath the surface, and those who seem to have power are no more than pawns in a larger game. An explosive end promises a fantastic sequel, but this first book is good enough to stand alone. Though The Falcon Throne may not be the most original fantasy novel ever written, the writing and characters make it absolutely worth reading – and Thrones fans will not be disappointed.

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TITLE: The Falcon Throne
AUTHOR(S): Karen Miller
RRP: $27.99
ISBN: 9780733629150

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