Apocalypse Now Now, by Charlie Human

Title: Apocalypse Now Now

Author: Charlie Human

Published: 2013

Five-word synopsis: kidnapped girlfriend, supernatural underworld, magic

Think: South African speculative fiction

What’s cool about it: the covers, there’s two I’ve seen so far and they’re both pretty awesome, and the narrator, Baxter Zevcenko – porn-king, teenage machiavelli, and slightly insane with the possibility of graduating to full-blown psychopath

What’s not: it’s a little nightmarish in some parts, so not for the faint hearted*

In a nutshell: it’s set in Cape Town, South Africa, and Baxter is the leader of a small gang devoted to selling porn in the local high school.  At the start of the novel his main priority is engineering a truce between two rival gangs – war, it seems, is bad for business.  But this all changes when his girlfriend Esme is kidnapped and Baxter, who dreams of blood, death, crows, and an all-seeing red eye, is quickly implicated in the crime.  In order to save his girlfriend he enlists the help of a bounty hunter named Ronin, who introduces him to a world hidden just beneath the real one, a world of monsters, secret agencies, mad scientists, and crazy visions.

Best bits: the dwarf legionaries, the preying mantis god, the springbok kid, the supernatural bounty hunter… it’s all good

Keep an eye out for: Baxter’s brother, Rafe, and Table Mountain

Fun fact: Charlie Human mentions his writing mentor, Lauren Beukes, in the acknowledgements.  If you liked Apocalypse Now Now, you’ll love Zoo City

Tell your mates: if they take their fantasy with a side of horror

*spider zombies, you have been warned

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