Pig the Winner, by Aaron Blabey

Pig was a pug, and I’m sorry to say, if he didn’t come first it would ruin his day! The adorable, and extremely naughty, dog is back with a new story, Pig the Winner. Pig’s been selfish and a liar, and now he needs to learn how to be a good sport.

Aaron Blabey has done it again with this third outing of Pig the Pug. The story is lyrical and easy to read. It’s also laugh out loud funny and perfectly paced. It’s become a favourite bedtime read in our house, with our 2-year-old in hysterics when Pig gets a little carried away and a mishap befalls him. It’s hard to find a book that is fun to read aloud, but Pig the Winner is definitely a blast.

However, Blabey is not only a fantastic writer, he is a talented illustrator too. The simple, pared back drawings are big, bold and unforgettable. He has clearly thought about the whole package of the book, with the illustrations and text working in harmony. Every page is a beautiful, uncluttered, work of art.

Blabey perfectly conveys a brilliant message and lesson for little (and big) people of all ages. Pig must learn some hard lessons about fair play and, as usual, he needs some gentle reminders. All three are fun to read but perfectly convey some important life lessons. As is often the case, picture books make for a great method to subtle convey a lesson to young people. The whole Pig series should be on the shelf of every classroom and home.

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TITLE: Pig The Winner
AUTHOR(S): Aaron Blabey
PUBLISHER: Scholastic
RRP: $21.00
ISBN: 9781760154288

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