Super Cute Crochet for Little Feet, By Vita Apala

Super Cute Crochet for Little Feet, by Vita Apala, will appeal to every crocheting granny in the land. And especially, those soon-to-be grannies. These booties are just delightful.

Most patterns work from a simple template for the bootie base, for which clear instructions (with accompanying photographs) are provided. The patterns for the upper part of the booties result in a variety of different details and styles. All very creative, the adorable crocheted footwear mimics leather sandals, work boots, and ballet slippers, to name but a few. Some have spurs (the cowboy boots), stripes (the football boots), laces, bows and flowers; and there are 30 individual designs, so something for everyone.

I found the instructions easy to follow and novices could craft many of these patterns. There is a section at the back with simple crochet instructions if you are a beginner – or just need reminding. The accompanying photographs are clear and enhance the patterns greatly. There is something especially delightful about handcrafted clothing and accessories for newborns.

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TITLE: Super Cute Crochet for Little Feet
AUTHOR(S): Vita Apala
PUBLISHER: New Holland
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781845435219

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