Knitted Miniature Animals, By Jenny Occleshaw

Knitted Miniature Animals, by Jenny Occleshaw, is a gorgeous book – a simple flip through reveals several enticing little creatures begging to be made.

I really like the way Occleshaw has made the most of modern, novel yarns for her creatures. For instance, golden eyelash yarn for the little lion’s mane; brown eyelash yarn for the hedgehog’s back; and a kitty made of mohair. Many of the animals have accompanying knitted, tiny hats, scarves and other accessories. The family of penguins epitomises this – there is a chef, a ballerina, an old man and a mamma with her floral hat and own knitting!

These patterns are not for the beginning knitter, nor the feint hearted. Working on 2mm needles, occasionally as large as 2.75mm, is hard enough. Add to that multiple increases and decreases, and the like, it takes some concentration. But, the rewards are a delightful series of miniature animals. Some no more than 5 cm high, none bigger than 12 cm.

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TITLE: Knitted Miniature Animals
AUTHOR(S): Jenny Occleshaw
PUBLISHER: New Holland
ISBN: 9781742575056

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