Bread, by Dean Brettschneider

I have been making my own bread for nearly 20 years; we were early adopters of the contemporary household bread machine. So, books about bread, and how we can improve our own baking have always been of interest. Many of the offerings, however, have been largely the same as other books on the market. Bread, by Dean Brettschneider, is different.

Written by an absolute expert, this book is filled with unique recipes, great photography and really clear instructions. There are recipes for bread in all shapes and sizes, with ingredients such as beetroot, walnuts, potatoes, and the usual seeds and olives. Then there are also sweet celebration loaves, crackers and sweet treats.

I’ve tried a few, and even adapted a couple to gluten-free with complete success. If I had one complaint about this book, it would be the paucity of gluten-free recipes and instructions, especially given the increase in wheat intolerance we seem to be facing. But, as far as variety goes, this is a stunning addition to anybody’s kitchen. I suspect that it will replace most of our other bread books in time.

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