Play On, by Mick Fleetwood

Fleetwood Mac is one of the legendary bands formed in the 60s that has lasted through the decades, but not without success and failure along the way. Mick Fleetwood, drummer to the band and only remaining original member brings us Play On, his second autobiography.

The stories that have surrounded the band all these years, of success, excess and infidelity were, I had hoped, going to be the ingredients for a juicy and revealing book if nothing else. With the help of Anthony Bozza, who has worked on biographies with INXS, Eminem and Slash to name but a few, it was suggested that this would be an all-access, candid and insightful autobiography.

The first half of the book focuses on Mick’s childhood and the origins of the band, which, although slightly dry, are interesting for any Fleetwood Mac fan – in particular the accounts of Peter Green. The second half then focuses on the success and excess of the band – re-painted hotel rooms, the limos, the drugs, the shenanigans – along with the relationships that were built and those that were broken through the years. Unfortunately, the stories do not delve too deep and read more like a headline than an in-depth reveal of a rock and roll legend.

While there are a few touching chapters dedicated to fellow band-member Stevie Nicks and Mick’s first wife Jenny Boyd, and a genuine apology to his children, most other chapters feel glanced over, with stories brushed off and lacking in the intimate detail that one might hope for in an autobiography.

If you’re a fan of Mick Fleetwood and the band that bears his name then you’ve most likely read his first autobiography, Fleetwood: My Life and Adventures in Fleetwood Mac, published in 1991. Unfortunately, this one all just falls a bit flat, which is not what one would usually say about this ever-evolving rock band. Fortunately, their music speaks for itself and although this autobiography falls short of entertaining, at least we know that Fleetwood Mac will entertain when they’re on stage.

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