I’ll see you in Paris, by Michelle Gable

Michelle Gable’s second book, I’ll see you in Paris, is formulaic, but she does it well. This book has all the elements you’d expect from well written woman’s fiction, light, snappy dialogue, a few plucky women with secrets and a whack of good fashioned romance. Plus a ridiculously happy ending.

A young American, Laurel Haley, heartbroken over loving her fiancé in the Vietnam war, takes a job in an English hamlet as a caretaker for an old, possibly insane woman who is also possibly the famous and very beautiful Duchess of Marlborough infamous for her beauty and the fact she could have “saved the world” by preventing World War 1 should she have married the man she was supposed to. Into Laurel and the now 90-something-year-old Duchess’s secluded world comes a hapless writer, Win, who’s keen to write the Duchess Biography, and unsurprisingly, Laurel and Win fall deeply in love.

Thirty years later, Laurel’s daughter, Annie, is newly engaged. With Annie’s impending marriage to a marine approaching, an old question worries her – who is her father and how will she ever get her mother to talk? Her quest for answers are found closer than she thought when she accompanies her mother on a business trip to a small English hamlet…

Following on from the breakthrough success of Gable’s debut book A Paris Apartment which centres around a fascinating historical figure and two fledgling romances and spanning three generations, I’ll see you in Paris, is set up from exactly the same recipe.

And it’s a good recipe, one that evidently works for Gable given her bestselling success story. The historical figure she’s chosen, the Duchess of Marlborough, has given her a wealth of character material from biographies and quotes. Add in a bit of romance from two likeable characters it it’s easy to relax into and enjoy this read.

Yes, it’s not that difficult to guess the plot details, but there are enough twists and turns to enjoy the ride. I’ll see you in Paris is a solid feel-good page-turner.

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TITLE: I’ll see you in Paris
AUTHOR(S): Michelle Gable
PUBLISHER: Macmillan
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781250104793

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