If She Did It, by Jessica Treadway

What would you do if you began to suspect your child of an unspeakable crime? That is the question Hanna must answer after her husband is killed and she is savagely beaten in their own home.

Her daughter Dawn’s boyfriend Rud stands trial and Dawn estranges herself from everyone she knows. But when Rud wins an appeal, Dawn returns home to support her mother. As memories of that traumatic night return to Hanna as a retrial looms, she must confront the reality of who her daughter Dawn really is.

If She Did It, by Jessica Treadway, is a haunting, twisted story that will both frustrate and delight readers. It seems so obvious to the reader what is happening but Hanna is so blind with motherly love, she can’t see the facts. This makes her endearing and seems so life like, making her an easy character to love. On the other hand, you’ll want to join the many other characters in the book that want to grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her.

Treadway’s interest in the psychological lives of characters who may be hiding things from themselves is evident throughout the novel. Not only does Hanna have to face up to the truth, there are many other characters that are more than meet the eye. The character of Emmett, although a minor player, is fascinating and really adds to the story in a subtle yet powerful way.

This is a riveting novel about what it means to be a parent and face who your child really is. If She Did It is a gripping page-turner of a read that will haunt you from the very beginning. Like Hanna, you will need to know exactly who did it.

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TITLE: If She Did It
AUTHOR(S): Jessica Treadway
RRP: $34.99
ISBN: 9780751555240

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