First to the Top, by David Hill

In First to the Top, Sir Edumund Hilary’s Amazing Everest Adventure, prolific New Zealand writer for Children and Young Adults, David Hill, has taken on the task of bringing one of our most beloved hero’s to life in this brief biography of Sir Edmund Hillary.

It’s a terrific story, and Hill brings it to life with just the right amount of detail and suspense to captivate but not overwhelm. There is a nifty time line at the back of the book for older readers, so it’d be handy for kids’ research purposes also.

Hill’s done a fine job of bringing the humour and humility characteristic of Sir Ed to the story. I enjoyed details like: “Ed was knighted by the new queen…. He told friends “Now I’ll have to buy some new bee keeping overalls.”

Hill is a well-known and award-winning NZ writer, so it’s nice to see him teaming up with a newbie illustrator; Phoebe Morris makes her children’s book debut with First to the Top. Morris has done a great job. The illustrations are detailed and engaging

One note, the publishers say suitable for aged 3-10, I’d say it wouldn’t appeal greatly to younger readers and would pitch it at the older end of that range.

However, First to the Top, Sir Edmund Hilary’s Amazing Everest Adventure, is a great read. It’s a wonderful way of introducing kids to one of our greatest hero’s.

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TITLE: First to the Top: Sir Edmund Hilary’s Amazing Everest Adventure
AUTHOR(S): David Hill
ILLUSTRATOR: Phoebe Morris
RRP: $25.00
ISBN: 9780143506874

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