Exploring Nature’s Pattern Magic, by Dee Pignēguy

Dee and Mike Pignēguy put the fascinating world of nature under the microscope in this bright and beautiful new book. The dedicated science champions have been busy trotting the globe – and digging in their Auckland back yard – to help cultivate wonder in our world and pass on nature nous to a new wave of mini scientists.

Exploring Nature’s Pattern Magic documents the many naturally occurring patterns that can be found within nature – from symmetry to camouflage, Fibonacci to fractals and everything in between. Young eyes are invited to look at the patterns that repeat around them to help make sense of the world. Each page is jam packed full of Mike’s stunning photography from New Zealand, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, France, England, British Columbia and the Pacific Islands. His macroscopic photography is simply stunning.

Dee is a former school teacher and it is easy to see this book becoming a staple within classrooms across the country. However, it will also be a valued and valuable addition to every child’s home library collection. Each pattern has ideas for where children can find them within their own world, facts, and ideas on how to replicate the pattern. Extra pages highlighting cheap and simple pattern activities brings the learning to life. While the book has its basis in science, it will make a great jumping off point and inspiration for maths, art, writing, and even dance and drama activities.

“Science gives children the answers to all those tricky questions they constantly ask,” Dee says. “Patterns answer the questions and explain why the world looks and behaves the way it does. As I realized that, I guess what surprised me most was how the various patterns keep re-occuring in different species and places even over time. Nature has developed the patterns right from the beginning of life on earth and can still be seen in fossils.”

Exploring Nature’s Pattern Magic is a bright, engaging book that will have both parents and children eager to explore the great outdoors.

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TITLE: Exploring Nature’s Pattern Magic
AUTHOR(S): Dee Pignēguy
RRP: $24.99
ISBN: 9780473323561

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