Everyday Super Food, by Jamie Oliver

Over the last few weeks, my house has been on the “Jamie diet”. Not intentionally, I might add. When my review copy of Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook Everyday Super Food arrived in the post, a quick flick through revealed some delicious looking recipes. A closer look had me wanting to try just about every recipe in the book, and so, night after night, I’ve found myself turning to this book for mealtime inspiration.

Jamie Oliver has become the poster-boy for changing how we eat to improve health and longevity. He has campaigned for bringing healthier food into schools, and he’s investigated the toll of sugar on our wellbeing. More recently he earned a diploma in nutrition, visited some of the world’s healthiest places, and spoke to nutritionists, doctors and scientists to bring us Everyday Super Food. His goal was to make healthful cooking feasible for everyone, and he has definitely succeeded.

I have a few healthy cookbooks in my pantry, so what is it that makes this one stand out? The recipes are straightforward and pretty foolproof. They’re quick to prepare – making healthy food doable every day – and the ingredients are of the everyday variety, meaning you can pick up most of them at the supermarket. I’ve also found that, provided you’re shopping in season (something I try to do), the produce is affordable. Most of all, I loved the variety, and that most of the recipes are vegetarian meaning that everyone can enjoy them.

This attractive hardcover is divided into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks & Drinks. Nutritional information accompanies each recipe, as well as a bit of info on the benefits of certain ingredients, making the book educational as well as instructional. A wonderful closing chapter called Live Well delves deeper into creating a happy, healthy, balanced plate making it easier to go out and create your own nourishing meals.

Also worth a mention is the beautiful, full-colour, glossy food photography. The vibrancy of the recipes jumps off the page, but there remains a realistic simplicity to the meals that shouts out “you can make this too!” Again, the feeling is “everyday”.

Everyday Super Food comes highly recommended and is an absolute must for anyone interested in making cleaner eating a regular part of the week for themselves and their family. The perfect gift – either for someone else or yourself.

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