Every Dark Corner, by Karen Rose

If you’re looking for a gripping thriller with a twist of romance then Karen Rose’s latest book Every Dark Corner is for you.

It’s satisfying to spend time with a complex and competent female heroine and Agent Kate Coppola has all the attributes often reserved for male characters in thrillers. She’s a crack shot, fearless, exceptionally smart and only occasionally bothers with makeup. The object of her affections is a broken hearted-but-beautiful man, Agent Griffin Davenport ‘Decker’ who’s spent the last three years undercover in a human trafficking ring.

When a raid goes wrong Decker ends up in a coma. And while Decker’s a perfect stranger, Kate’s new in town and newly assigned to the case. When it seems no one else will come to sit with Decker, Kate, also suffering with her share of heartbreak, takes it upon herself to be there when the man wakes up. What starts as professional diligence – Kate suspects Decker will have vital information to share when he regains consciousness – quickly deepens into passion.

Rose is a master of her boundary pushing form. The story follows the lines of a budding romance, with enough smoulder to keep things steamy, while also having enough plot twists and turns to keep you turning the pages of this gripping thriller.

Told from the multiple point of views Rose weaves a story of child pornography and corruption, a race against time before good triumphs evil, with the added bonus of multiple love stories unfolding. She keeps her foot on the pedal and while it’s a hefty book, the tension is maintained throughout. Each character is well-rounded, and complicated enough that the blooming love stories are also believable.

It’s a formula perhaps, but it works so well. Rose has written 18 novels, 2 novellas and is a Sunday Times bestseller. She’s at the top of her game with Every Dark Corner. For fans of romantic suspense it’s perfect summer reading.

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TITLE: Every Dark Corner
AUTHOR(S): Karen Rose
RRP: $34.99
ISBN: 9780755390069

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