A Treasury of Saints, by David Self

With its linen-bound, hardback cover (underneath a dust jacket), and red ribbon marker,  A Treasury of Saints, is a beautiful book. This compendium of saints, both well-known and lesser-known, is a wonderful introduction to Christianity’s saints.

The book is suitable for ages 7 to 12, but for anyone older interested in the saints, it still makes an engaging read. Each chapter covers a different saint, and includes their Saint’s Day, a one paragraph overview, and a more in-depth biography. Some of the entries also include a prayer.

The in-depth biographies are written in an accessible manner, and despite covering a lot of information, and feeling a little choppy because of it in places, they are actually quite a fun read for the age group, reminiscent of the Horrible Histories series. Saint Patrick’s biography for example, starts with, “When he was sixteen, Patrick was captured by pirates.” The wording doesn’t beat around the bush, either, not shying away from revealing a saint’s gruesome death… St Valentine for example, “was clubbed to death. Then his head was chopped off, just to make sure he was dead.”

The chapters are open about what stories are probably myth, and what stories are likely to be true, and regardless of your religious beliefs, A Treasury of Saints is an excellent historical resource, and makes a wonderful gift book for children.


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TITLE: A Treasury of Saints
AUTHOR(S): David Self
ILLUSTRATOR: Kate Forrester
PUBLISHER: Lion Hudson
RRP: $19.99

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