Unforgiven, by Lauren Kate

“Every Story has a Dark Side”

Unforgiven is the latest in Lauren Kate’s Fallen series. It is a series that has captured my heart since 2009 and had me inside an emotional blender, chewing me up and spitting me out with every book. Unforgiven is no different, apart from the fact that it centres around the anti-hero of the previous books, Cam, who always was one of my favourites. I can hear fans rejoicing around the world, “Yes! Finally we get to know Cam’s story” – and what a story it is!

Cam, a fallen angel, is hunting for his one true love, Lilith, the very girl he emotionally destroyed thousands of years ago. Since then Cam has lived unaware of her fate, believing she had died and gone to Heaven. He couldn’t be further from the truth and soon finds out that Lilith belongs to Lucifer, and has been living thousands of years worth of personal, snow-globe, Hells.

Before you know it, Cam is making a deal with the devil – which is such a Cam thing to do. The deal – get Lilith to fall back in love with him, if he succeeds, he saves her from Hell, if he fails, he serves as Lucifer’s second in command for all eternity. The catch – because there is always a catch when making deals with the devil – Cam only has 15 days to make angsty Lilith fall for his charms all the while not knowing who he is, and with her locked away memories of their past life causing her to hate him without knowing why. Cam is also open to the devil’s elements, which means forgoing his smouldering good looks and replacing them with a receding hairline, wrinkled face and bloated belly, making his ‘charms’, that he has always relied on, less of a done deal.

Lauren Kate certainly does not disappoint when it comes to emotional turmoil, she has a way of making you fall in love with the characters she writes about, and soon enough you are on Team Cam, willing for him to get the girl. An incredibly well written novel to add to the already amazing Fallen series in a way where those Cam fans finally get their questions answered. She keeps you guessing throughout the entire novel. With every day that passes in Lilith’s hell, a new challenge is in place for Cam and you are left wondering if he will ever win Lilith’s love back, right up until the very last moments of this heart stopping book.

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TITLE: Unforgiven
AUTHOR(S): Lauren Kate
PUBLISHER: Penguin Random House
RRP: $24.00
ISBN: 9780552566100

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