Lone Wolf, by Robert Muchamore

It’s a book for young adults, so I figured I would fire this one at my twelve year old stepson and see what he came up with.

His take on the book is below:

“Robert Muchamore’s Lone Wolf is about a teenage girl called Fay. Right from the start there is plenty of action. Fay’s mother is killed by a drug dealer, leaving her only her Auntie Kirsten left for as far as family goes.

It’s only a temporary family as pretty soon a deal goes wrong and Kirsten is arrested by the police. To make matters even dire, she is then killed in prison by a rival drug dealer. With nowhere else to go, Fay is sent to a secure training centre. No prizes for guessing which training centre.

Meanwhile in Cherub HQ, agents Ryan and Nina are assigned to a mission to take down a drug lord called Hagar, which conveniently for the story line happens to be the same one who killed Fay’s family. Ryan now gets into the business of delivering drugs to act as a cover to find out any information he can concerning the drug network. To push the story along Nina teams up with Fay to cause as much damage as possible along the way.

In this book I found the introduction didn’t really grip as much as much I like them to. Also, I found that the story line was similar to another Cherub book ‘Class A’, which has different characters, but has the same drug lord theme, plus the youth club where all the drug mules hang out. I don’t know if the author has done this on purpose, but it’s kind of boring to have read something I’ve read before.”

My stepson and I had a chat about the book afterwards. He seemed to wonder why authors think drug dealers are appealing to kids. He was able to see the appeal of being a spy, but at age 12, he didn’t really feel that he needed to be exposed to such a seedy underworld.

In the books defence, it’s not adult rated by any stretch of the imagination, but parent’s should be aware that some of the themes are pretty heavy. If you’re looking for Harry Potter, this isn’t it. Mind you, not so much for the last few Potter books where ‘shit sure got real’, I mean the nice soft (and better written) early books in the series. So I guess, by that logic, maybe it’s the next step for Harry Potter fans who have been slowly desensitised to death and violence over the course of the seven wizard books.

No doubt Cherub fans will already be desensitized enough for the latest instalment, even if it does follow a similar formula. Hey, it’s a formula that sells, so I can’t really knock it… but if your ‘youth reader’ suddenly buys a camper van and takes a super keen interest in amateur chemistry, I did warn you.

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TITLE: Lone Wolf
AUTHOR(S): Robert Muchamore
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781444914092

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