Hexed, by Michelle Krys

Indigo’s life seems pretty perfect – she’s a cheerleader, girlfriend of the most popular guy in school, and has a ton of friends. Then everything begins to fall apart…

When Bishop, a sexy warlock who has a strange habit of following Indigo everywhere, reveals that she holds the fate of every witch on the planet in her hands, and that she could be a witch herself, Indigo’s life gets much more complicated. Add that to the revelation that her perfect life (including her boyfriend and best friend) might not be so perfect after all, and Indigo suddenly has a lot to deal with.

Indigo is a fun character to read – she is a go-getter, and certainly doesn’t wait around like a damsel in distress to be saved, or wallow for too long in self pity (which she could well have done given the events in the book). The whole “chosen one” is a bit of an overdone trope in fantasy literature, but there are some great twists to it, and when combined with the fast paced plot, Hexed is a thoroughly good read. The material is quite heavy – there are some brutal scenes, and it deals with grief and loss – but the book doesn’t linger on them too long. While the events in the book affect Indigo hugely, she is too much of an action-driven character to let them slow her down for long.

The novel is set up for a sequel (Charmed, which is out next year), which should be even more fun since (SPOILER ALERT) Indigo should have a better grasp on her witch powers.

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TITLE: Hexed
AUTHOR(S): Michelle Krys
PUBLISHER: Penguin Random House
RRP: $22.99
ISBN: 9780552571654

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