Atmospheric: The Burning Story of Climate Change, by Carole Wilkinson

Talking about weather used to be small talk, but now it’s the hottest topic on Earth. We can’t survive without the Earth’s atmosphere, yet most of the time we ignore it. Slowly but surely, we are changing Earth’s climate. Atmospheric cuts through the many voices raised around climate change to tell the story of our atmosphere, what is putting our climate at risk, and what we can do about it.

This burning story of climate change is a new book in the award-winning non-fiction series for teens, The Drum. Atmospheric is aimed perfectly at teens or those wanting to know more about climate change.

Carole Wilkinson has done a fantastic job of putting complicated scientific theories into layman’s terms with simple graphics, charts, and fact boxes. It is easy to read, yet deeply informative. It is obvious Wilkinson is passionate about the topic, but it doesn’t feel like she is lecturing you. It is rich in facts and quotes and will make a fantastic study guide for the topic. Most chapters start with personal accounts of weather and weather-related incidents, which makes the book more personal.

A timeline, detailed glossary, list of sources and websites and an index make it easy for readers to further expand their knowledge and understanding on the topic. A comprehensive teacher’s notes, which can be downloaded from the publisher’s website, makes this a fantastic addition to any high school curriculum.

Teens and adults alike will find Atmospheric an interesting read that will challenge their thinking and actions.


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TITLE: Atmospheric: The Burning Story of Climate Change
AUTHOR(S): Carole Wilkinson
PUBLISHER: Walker Books
RRP: $21.99
ISBN: 9781925126372

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