The Prince and The Potty, by Nicholas Allan

That the family in The Prince and The Potty, by Nicholas Allan, seem familiar is not unplanned, I suspect. Just as the real prince turns one, we have a fun and whimsical picture book about toilet training.

The child’s parents go on a quest to find the best potty for their prince, allowing the opportunity for some historical context – like the imagined potties of Richard the Lionheart and Elizabeth II. What bothered me, slightly, is that the young couple in The Prince and The Potty are obsessed with the fanciest, most fantastical potties imaginable, and from what we are led to believe this is completely out of character for the real parents. In the end, the young prince takes matters into his own hands and uses what appears to be a very unroyal, very ordinary potty. When needs be…

The illustrations are simple, but effective, with lovely use of different fonts. It is a fun story about a not-so-fun topic, and yet such a large part of a young reader’s life. Kids will giggle all the way through I suspect. I do wonder what the young royals think about this parody.

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