My Little Book of Dinosaurs, by Dougal Dixon

Part of the My Little Book series, My Little Book of Dinosaurs, by Dougal Dixon is a brilliant reference book for children aged 5 and up who are interested in dinosaurs. Covering a range of dinosaurs, from meat eaters, to plant eaters, to flying dinosaurs, this hardback book is filled with incredible CGI illustrations that take into account all the latest paleontological evidence (for example, how some dinosaurs had feathers).

If your child ever wanted to know which dinosaurs were the biggest, tallest, or longest, or which had horns or spiky backs, then My Little Book of Dinosaurs is a good place to start.  Each doublespread covers a different dinosaur, and includes pictures, a brief bio, and some fun facts.

My Little Book of Dinosaurs, by Dougal Dixon is ideal for school projects, but makes the perfect gift book for any dinosaur enthusiast ages 5 and up.

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TITLE: My Little Book of Dinosaurs
AUTHOR(S): Dougal Dixon
PUBLISHER: New Holland
RRP: 16.99
ISBN: 9781781715536

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  • Jocelyn Croft May 8, 2014, 4:36 pm

    would love this for my grandson


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