LEGO®: The Official Annual 2015

Buy this. Pretty simple review, but it’s a LEGO annual and if you have Lego fans in your house, you wont need much more convincing.

Now for the part where I earn my keep. This is a book that keeps on giving – it even gives you Lego to play with. Ok, it’s just a few single stud pieces that make up the number 2015, but those are always very handy when free building.

The recent Lego Movie was a huge hit in our house, as is the product itself. The annual isn’t a construction set, but it will keep your Lego fans occupied in the car as they wont lose any of the pieces. Think of all the tears avoided and the countless hours of time that won’t be wasted trying to find that little sword from Junior’s favourite man.

It’s not often you get to use ‘jam packed’, but when you are reviewing a children’s activity book, these words need to be used. So, yes, this book is jam packed with activities that will keep your wee-uns occupied for hours. Ages four to eight will get a kick out of this book, possibly also their dads. The book advises five years plus, so you can make the call.

Mazes, spot the difference, cartoons, cool Lego pictures, and other not so standard activities can be found in this book. The kids wont need anything else once they get this book, and it will help them to be very quiet in their room so daddy can watch the rugby.

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TITLE: LEGO®: The Official Annual 2015
PUBLISHER: Penguin Random House
RRP: $21.00
ISBN: 9780723291268

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