How does the Giraffe get to Work? by Christopher Llewelyn & Scott Tulloch

Given the book’s title How does the Giraffe get to Work? I expected the narrative to be based around this question, or, given that the giraffe in question is revealed to ride to work on a second-hand bicycle and the green message inherent in that, I thought that eco-friendliness might also be a theme. However, this picture book doesn’t quite deliver on either count.

Instead, it’s a cute rhyming story about how all the zoo animals get to work on a variety of transport options. First-time author Christopher Llewelyn’s text clips along at a reader-friendly pace, packed with a rich vocabulary that will delight kids, and Scott Tulloch’s watercolour and pastel illustrations are jam-packed with chaotic detail.

It is important to note that the book doesn’t have the brightness to captivate younger readers, so How does the Giraffe get to Work? is slanted towards the higher end of the target age range of 3-7 years.

While How does the Giraffe get to Work? will appeal to readers interested in zoo animals and/or transport, it does little else to stand out in a competitive market.


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TITLE: How does the Giraffe get to Work
AUTHOR(S): Christopher Llewelyn
ILLUSTRATOR: Scott Tulloch
PUBLISHER: Scholastic
RRP: $19.50
ISBN: 9781775432463

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