Bible Promises for a Little Girl, by Mary Joslin

Introducing your child to the Bible can feel daunting, but Bible Promises for a Little Girl, by Mary Joslin is an easy way to include prayer in your young daughters’ every day life.

Ideal for children 3-7, this little book of Bible prayers and verses is filled with gorgeous watercolour pictures that use bright colours. The pictures relate to the prayer on the page, but are illustrated in a way that shows a scene from any young girl’s childhood, making them easily relatable. The whole presentation of the book is beautiful, from its puffy hardcover, to the layout inside.

Each double-spread includes a picture, a brief title on God’s message, a Bible verse, and a relevant prayer.

Joslin has a number of books for Lion, and Bible Promises for a Little Girl is a wonderful example of her work. The book would make a wonderful gift (it has a lovely To / From page) for a young girl.


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TITLE: Bible Promises for a Little Girl
AUTHOR(S): Mary Joslin
PUBLISHER: Lion Hudson
RRP: $12.99

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