Derek Grzelewski


Writer, filmmaker, mountaineer and fly-fisherman Derek Grzelewski is most comfortable in the outdoors, and what beautiful outdoors New Zealand has to offer. Since moving to Aotearoa there have been no limits to where this Polish born adventurer will go or what he will do to shift his perspective on the world around him. NZ Booklovers recently… Read More

There is no doubt that New Zealand is a beautiful country. From our plethora of stunning beaches to the thick rainforests, to the clear night skies of the Mackenzie Country and hills brimming with gold, we have it lucky. Derek Grzelewski knows this too, and in this book he writes of his journeys through our… Read More

When I first picked up Derek Grzelewski’s Going to Extremes:Adventures in Unknown New Zealand I was a little disappointed to realise that these were pieces that Derek had originally penned for the New Zealand Geographic magazine where they were published with full photographic illustration. Would they be the same without those illustrations? Was a series… Read More