Sonia Edwards

Sonia Edwards Sonia Edwards was at home in Otara for some years raising a family then returned to work in education for a further twenty years before retiring to enjoy life. Travel filled the early retirement years, but reading and most home making skills (bottling fruit ) fill her time these days. Sonia has an interest in social history, genealogy and early New Zealand history especially the confiscation here after the Land Wars. She has completed a history of the men from the Eastern Bay of Plenty who fell in World War One and has begun researching for those who fell in the 2nd World War.


TAUTAI: Sãmoa, World History and the life of Ta’isi O. F. Nelson

Rebel or Patriot? This first biography of Ta’isi Olaf Fredrick Nelson (also known as Feleti Nelsoni) is a powerful story which explores the personal life of one man but is also the history of Sãmoa and its place in the world.  The biography outlines the long road on Sãmoa’s journey to nationhood. Patricia O’Brien is [...]

He Reo Wãhine: Mãori Women’s Voices from the Nineteenth Century

Lachy Paterson and Angela Wanhalla have put together a collection of letters and documents sourced from many archives within a defined period – 1830 to 1900 – to produce a valuable resource for readers who have an interest in New Zealand history. The University of Otago associate professors [Paterson in Mãori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies: [...]

The Ventricle of Memory by Shelagh Duckham Cox

This enjoyable memoir is cleverly constructed with surprises throughout.  The life story of a young upper class British child expands across three continents and reaches the far flung antipodes closing with life as a £10 Pom in New Zealand.  Shelagh Duckham’s clarity of view brings different experiences to light as her family leaves their luxurious and [...]

Nga Atua by Robyn Kahukiwa

This lovely colourful book touches many levels of appreciation as there is quite a depth to the spectacular imagery. Robyn Kahukiwa is a renowned artist who has combined her skills as an author which is rather special, to produce an outstanding and stimulating children’s book. Nga Atua will be enjoyed by young children but it will also become [...]