Sarah Reese

Sarah Reese Sarah has recently completed a double degree in Law, English and Linguistics and is about to move on to postgraduate study, with the goal of eventually obtaining a PhD. As a reader, she enjoys magical realism and literary fiction, as well as Jane Austen and the occasional adventure novel. In her spare time she also writes historical fiction, which she hopes to get published in the not-too-distant future.


Resolutions for Writers: How to Write More in 2016

It’s that time of year again — the time when everyone starts making promises to themselves to eat better, exercise more and get back to that hobby they’ve been neglecting since god knows when. If you’re anything like I was, chances are that writing is that hobby for you: the one you’ve been guiltily letting [...]

10 Books Coming to the Big Screen in 2016

The task of adapting a well-known and (presumably) well-loved novel into film is a difficult one, and some might say it can never be done with complete success. Nevertheless, whether you prefer the book version, the film version, or think each should stand or fall on their own merits, it can’t be denied that more [...]

Young writer looking for inspiration

On Messages in Fiction

I’ve been reading a fair few books lately which were designed to have a “message” – that is, to convince the reader of a certain point of view, using fiction as a medium for the author’s voice. Message fiction and I don’t usually get along: I have never enjoyed being told what to do, and [...]

Fire from Heaven

Summer Reads: Historical Fiction

With sunshine just around the corner and those lovely long evenings to look forward to, it’s time to start putting together a summer reading list for those (brief, possibly illusory and yet still glorious) weekends at the beach or sitting out in the sun. If you enjoy historical fiction, or just want to try something [...]

Big Red Shoes

My Shoes are too Small, My Head is too Big: How to “Write What You Know”

One of the things I love best about writing is the fact that it forces you to really empathise with your characters – at least, if you want to write something well. In general, this means stepping outside of yourself and frequently outside of your comfort zone, as the people you’re writing about won’t necessarily [...]

How to Generate Writing Ideas

The one question that many writers dread (and consequently get asked the most often) is where they get their creative ideas. Many people who don’t write seem to be under the impression that plot ideas spring into the world fully formed, like Athena emerging from Zeus’ forehead, and that writers are merely better equipped, better [...]