Iain McKenzie

Iain McKenzie Iain McKenzie is a Director of NZ Booklovers, and is the person to contact about the products we offer on our shop. He is also the Publisher for McKenzie Publishing. A true book lover, Iain reads hundreds of books every year, and especially enjoys well-written and engaging fiction.


Jarulan by the River by Lily Woodhouse

Although at first this historical novel appears to be about land owner Matthew Fenchurch, in reality Jarulan by the River is the story of Rufina, who arrives as a German maid to the northern New South Wales property, Jarulan, a beautiful home of grandeur that is now decaying. Spanning from 1917 until the modern day, [...]

Interview: Karen McMillan talks about her latest novel, Brushstrokes of Memory

Karen McMillan is the author of 11 published books, a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Her novels have been bestsellers and include the historical novels The Paris of the East, and The Paris of the West. Her non-fiction books include Unbreakable Spirit: Facing the Challenge of Cancer in New Zealand, From the Blitz to the [...]