Brogan Lomax

Brogan Lomax is an avid reader and writer with a BA in English, although she currently works as a pre-school teacher in Hamilton. In her spare time, she can most likely be found with her nose in a book. She has always been a huge lover of the classics, but over the past few years she has branched out, with fantasy/sci-fi and YA novels taking up more and more room on her already overflowing bookshelves.


Troll Mountain, by Matthew Reily

“A young hero. Barbaric monsters. An impossible quest.” Matthew Reilly’s Troll Mountain has all the ingredients necessary to create an action-packed fable for all ages. In an isolated valley, in a tribe of humans live Raf, a scrawny 17 year old, and his younger sister Kira. After being orphaned as children, thanks to a rogue troll and [...]

The Dead Lands, by Benjamin Percy

Benjamin Percy’s The Dead Lands is a kind of post-apocalyptic retelling of the Lewis and Clark’s expedition across America in the early nineteenth century. Set 150 years into the future, a devastating illness, which caused its sufferers’ lungs to burn and for them to cough up blood until they died, has wiped out all but a [...]