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Win a copy of Deliciously Ella with Friends, by Ella Mills!

In the follow-up to her amazing bestseller Deliciously Ella Every Day, Ella makes it easy to prepare delicious food for you, your friends and family, whatever the occasion. No more wondering whether certain dishes go together, Ella makes life simple with her menus - whether you are planning a laid-back brunch, a last-minute lunch or [...]


Win a copy of You Are a Badass, by Jen Sincero!

In this refreshingly entertaining how-to guide, bestselling author and world-travelling success coach, Jen Sincero, serves up 27 bite-sized chapters full of hilariously inspiring stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and the occasional swear word, helping you to: - Identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours that stop you from getting what you want. - Create [...]


Win a Double Pass to Silence!

An upcoming historical drama film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Jay Cocks and Scorsese, based upon the 1966 novel of the same name by Shūsaku Endō. This much-anticipated film has been 28 years in the making and was shot entirely in Taipei, Taiwan and stars Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano, [...]

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Win a copy of Class: Joyride, by Guy Adams!

From the creators of ‘Doctor Who’ and set in the same universe, Prime brings you ‘Class’. Poppy is a quiet girl, right up until she steals a car and drives it through a shop window. Max is a nice guy, but then he kills his whole family. Just for fun. Amar always seems so happy, [...]


2017 NZ Booklovers’ Reading Challenge

Last year, sick of not being motivated to read enough, I tried the 2016 book challenge. While I didn't quite get through all 52 books, I did read more than triple the amount of books I read the year before. Not a bad improvement! This year I'm going to try again with a new list, [...]


Win a DVD copy of Inferno!

When Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks, a doctor he hopes will help him recover his memories. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to stop a madman from unleashing a global virus that would wipe out half of the world's population. Directed [...]


Win a copy of Last of the Giants: The True Story of Guns N’ Roses, by Mick Wall!

Many millions of words have already been written about Guns N’ Roses, the old line-up, the new line-up. But none of them have ever really gotten to the truth – until now. Guns N’ Roses has always been a band out of time, the Last of the Giants. They are what every rock band since [...]


Win a copy of Get Your Sh*t Together, by Sarah Knight!

Ever find yourself snowed under at the office - or even just glued to the sofa - when you really want to get out (for once), get to the gym (at last), and get started on that daunting dream project you’re always putting off? Then it’stime to get your sh!t together. In The Life-Changing Magic [...]

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