Plenty, by Ananda Braxton-Smith

When Maddy’s parents tell her they are moving from where she has lived her whole life to a far away town called Plenty to live with her Nana, Maddy is horrified. She’s never known anywhere else, and the idea of moving away from everything and everyone she knows is a scary thought.

Plenty turns out to be very different from where Maddy is used to. It is a small country town, and very different from Melbourne, but despite Maddy’s fears, she meets a new friend in Grace, who came to Australia as a refugee from Sudan. Maddy realises that she is not the only one that feels out of place, and begins to learn that there is more to “home” than just a place.

Maddy is at that awkward pre-teen age, where she is too young to understand her parent’s decision, but old enough to have firm opinions about what she wants out of life. But while the move is hard on Maddy (and on her parents thanks to Maddy’s negative attitude about it), it turns out to be an opportunity for Maddy to learn about her family history thanks to her Nana.

Plenty is a poignant tale about growing up, family, and finding a home where you least expect it. Ideal for ages ten to twelve.


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