My Mum Says the Strangest Things, by Katrina Germein

Katrina Germein’s follow up to My Dad Thinks He’s Funny is an ode to Mums this time, and all the strange sayings they have. My Mum Says the Strangest Things is filled with all those odd things we say to children, like “stop running around like a headless chook”, or “the cleaning fairy is sick”, with clever illustrations that reveal just how literally children take them. I was surprised at how many of the sayings I’d heard my own mother say, and even more surprised at how many I had said to my daughter! No wonder she looks at me strangely sometimes…

Illustrator Tom Jellett has done a fantastic job in representing the sayings literally on the page. My favourite was when the Mum saying “snug as a bug” is accompanied by a picture of a child with a fly head. It could have been creepy, but instead it is fun and quirky.

While the amount of words on the page make the book look like it could be for ages 3 or 4, and children that age will still enjoy the pictures, it is really best suited for ages 5+, where they are old enough to get the jokes about the silly sayings.

A perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

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TITLE: My Mum Says the Strangest Things
AUTHOR(S): Katrina Germein
PUBLISHER: Walker Books
RRP: $27.99

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