Funny Faces, by Mark Norman

There are some very strange-looking creatures in the animal kingdom, and Funny Faces, by Mark Norman, reveals some of the strangest faces out there, while giving plenty of information on what these odd features are for.

“The faces of some animals may look funny to us, but their eyes, ears, noses and mouths are exactly what those animals need to survive.”

Featuring some incredible close-up photography of different animal’s faces, Funny Faces is a wonderful way to teach children about different animals. From funny noses, like the flower-shaped bat nose, to a tarsier’s giant eyes, to a platypus’ bill, this book shows how each animal’s unique feature is used, and how it helps them survive.

Funny Faces goes well beyond the standard animals that most children learn about, and teaches them about some of the strangest creatures (like dragonfish) out there. The information is interesting and fun, and simple enough for younger children to grasp. If your child has a thirst for learning about new animals, then Funny Faces is one to consider! Recommended for ages 4+.

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