Friday Barnes: Girl Detective, by R. A. Spratt

Friday Barnes is a highly intelligent (too intelligent for her own good apparently) eleven year old who wants nothing more than to get by unnoticed, and avoid the horror of high school. So, when she solves a case with a $50,000 reward, she promptly enrolls herself in the elite Highcrest Academy.

But upon arriving, she discovers that the school isn’t quite as respectable as it seems, and her detective skills are needed once more.

Friday Barnes: Girl Detective, by R. A. Spratt is a hilarious twist to the character of Sherlock Holmes. “Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was an eleven-year-old girl!” is the tagline, and it is as fantastic as it sounds. Friday is a character who takes everything very literally, and at face-value, and her honesty makes for some awkward situations. She is incredibly smart, and sees well beyond what others do, just like Sherlock Holmes. She however has the problems of an eleven year old girl – bullies, fashion and boys.

This book made me laugh out loud several times, and Friday is an endearing character, and a pleasure to read about. Her investigative techniques are just as good as her wagging techniques (she manages to get out of a lot of classes) though, so parents, watch out! Friday Barnes is a fun read for ages 10-12, and I can’t wait for the second instalment in the series.

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