Exploding Endings Book Two: Dingbats and Lollypop Arms, by Tim Harris

Tim Harris picks up Exploding Endings Book Two from where its predecessor left us, with a psycho sweet toothed seagull. This collection of short stories follows exactly the same formula as the first book – snack-sized stories with twists you will never expect.

Once again Harris, a primary school teacher with 15 years experience, has nailed his target audience, with fun and funny stories designed to capture the hearts and imagination of young readers. From deranged seagulls to a dead goldfish, each story will delight. My favourite, Doctor Genre, is very clever and would make an excellent classroom resource when looking at different story genres.

While it is just an extension of the first book, there is one subtle change that makes a big difference. The first book featured a lot of illustrations, in effect many little stories and jokes, littered through the pages and margins. While funny and clever, it distracted from the story at hand. However, this time round, Page Wars is confined to its own chapters, making the book flow much easier.

Once again, it ends part way through a story. Unfortunately, once again it wasn’t my favourite so I don’t feel the drive to pick up the next book to find out what happens. However, Harris’s twists do make it appealing. While Psycho Sweet Tooth Seagull also wasn’t my favourite in the first book, the ending to that story in this book was completely unexpected and turned out to be its saviour.

Exploding Endings will once again have younger readers laughing out loud. Reluctant readers will be enticed into the magic of reading thanks to Harris’s wacky humour. Clever, witty and easy to read, this collection will make a great addition to any young reader’s bookshelf.

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TITLE: Exploding Endings Book Two: Dingbats and Lollypop Arms
AUTHOR(S): Tim Harris
PUBLISHER: New Holland
RRP: $19.99
ISBN: 9781922134691

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